Digital Power Meter PM5000 Series

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Specification of Digital Power Meter PM5000 Series

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Power Meter Digital, Power Meter, Digital PM700 ( PM700, PM710, PM750) , PM800 Schneider Electric ( PM810, PM820, PM870) & PAC3200 Siemens.

An Electricity Meter Or Energy Meter Is A Device That Measures The Amount Of Electric Energy Consumed By A Building, Industry, Or An Electrically Powered Device.


 In Settings When Energy Savings During Certain Periods Are Desired, Digital Meters May Measure Demand, The Maximum Use Of Power In Some Interval. " Time Of Day" , To Record Usage During Peak High-Cost Periods And Off-Peak, Lower-Cost, Periods. Also, In Some Areas Meters Have Relays For Demand Response Shedding Of Loads During Peak Load Periods.


 Power Meter Series


 Power Meter Digital PM700, PM800 Schneider Electric & PAC3200 Siemens 96X96mm Powerlogic Power-Monitoring Units For HV And LV Networks.




 Easy To Install. Panel-Mount With Only Two Clips, Or DIN Rail Mounting With Or Without Remote Display.

 Direct Connect Voltage Inputs. No Need For Potential Transformers ( Pts) Up To 600 VAC

 Intuitive Navigation With Self-Guided, Language-Selectable Menus

 Large, Anti-Glare Display With White Back-Light Provides Summary Screens With Multiple Values

 Custom Alarming With Time Stamping

 Individual Harmonic Magnitudes And Angles, And Waveform Capture ( PM850 And PM870)

 Voltage And Current Disturbance ( Sag And Swells) Detection And Configurable Waveform Capture ( PM870)

 Extensive And Non-Volatile On-Board Memory

 IEC 62053-22 Class 0.5S For Real Energy. Accurate Energy Measurement For Sub-Billing And Cost Allocation

 Trend Curves And Short-Term Forecasting ( PM850 And PM870)

 Five Channels Of WAGES ( Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) Metering Capability On All Models. A Single Channel Can Aggregate Pulses From Multiple Inputs.

 Modular And Upgradeable

 Optional Remote Display ( As Far As 10M From The Metering Unit)

 Optional Ethernet Communication Port Offers Modbus TCP/ IP Protocol, E-Mail On Alarm, Web Server And Ethernet-To-Serial Gateway. Transparent Ready – Level 1 Compliant.


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