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Power factor capacitor  bank 50kvar 415V 50Hz
Power factor capacitor  bank 50kvar 415V 50Hz
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Specification of

Double insulation class - no need of grounding, because no metallic enclosure elements.
Totally dry - no risk of impregnant leackage, or fire.
Any mounting position.
Enclosure - auto-extinguishing Polyamide in V0 class, reinforced by fibreglass. Durable compact design, resistant on corrosion, with possibility of outdoor installation.
Modular design - connections between internal elements of capacitorsare flooded by resin (no risk of corrosion, overheating, or loose parts)
Winding that is covered by resin, gives reliability that air, or humidity will not have access to capacitor winding layer. This feature secure high quality and stability of parameters.
Internal electrical, and pressure protections for each single-phase module:
  • self-healing metalized polypropylene film
  • normalized fuse link, with minimum short circuit withstand I1=80kA
  • overpressure membrane with rapid fuse link dissconnection mechanism
  • unique possibility of broken capacitor module regeneration

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