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Eaton PKZM01 PKZM0 PKZM4 And PKE Motor protective Circuit-breakers and Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker
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Specification of

Motor Protective Circuit Breakers PKE/PKZ

Machinery and installation downtimes should be kept as short as possible. The PKZ fuseless motor-protective circuit-breakers combine short-circuit and overload protection in one device, allowing fast restart readiness. The PKE line of motor-protective circuit breakers with electronic wide-range overload protection provides highest level of flexibility featuring a compact and modular design with plug-in control unit for motor currents up to 65A, which makes it an interesting alternative to the bimetal solution and complement the PKZ family. PKZM01, PKZM0, PKZM4 and PKE have the same accessories, and can be combined easily with DILM contactors and DS7 soft starters.

The PKZM01 for motors up to 25 A, is ideal for small machines and other applications that primarily prefer the use of push or impact operation.

Available with IP40, IP55 or IP65 ratings, the PKZM01 features protection against direct contact, solid foreign bodies or the ingress of water. Surface mount or installation enclosure options are offered. Whether equipped with protective membranes, locking devices or the respective EMERGENCY-STOP button, the methods of actuation provide the ideal solution.

Engineering and inventory management are facilitated via accessories such as voltage releases, trip-indicating auxiliary contacts and auxiliary contacts from the PKZM0 range. The short-circuit breaking capacity is 50 kA.


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