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Arteor Sockets & Switches HDMI VGA AUDIO Telephone Audio Multimedia Panels
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23 May 2020
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Stop Kontak, Saklar, Multimedia Panel Socket

Product Specifications: 

Arteor™ Has Been Developed As An Authentic International Concept.

This International Approach Enables It To Fulfil Local Market Requirements With Specific Solutions, Designed To Match Local Installation Habits.

Its Versatility Makes Arteortm The Ideal Choice For Every Kind Of Project, Anywhere In The World At Any Installation Level. Arteortm Suits Any Requirement In Terms Of Design And Function For Every Kind Of Building, From Residential To Commercial.

Design For A Global Lifestyle. The Timeless Design Of Arteortm Features Hi-Tech Characteristics That Are Easy To Understand Anywhere In The World. Minimalist And Sober, Its Carefully Crafted Design Is Inspired By The Most Modern Technological Devices, Such As Flat Screen Tvs And Digital Photo Frames, Creating The Impression That The Product Is Floating On The Wall.

Imagine That Your Home Comes To Life.

That The Walls, Throughout The Home, Are Suddenly Gifted With Intelligence, And Watch Over Your Daily Well-Being. Then Imagine That You Can Control Everything With A Simple Gesture, In A Series Of Actions Orchestrated Exactly According To Your Wishes…

This Impetus, Capable Of Bringing Life To Your Living Space, Is The Flow Of Energies Provided By Legrand Technology.

Quite Simply A New Way Of Seeing The World, Which We Invite You To Share.

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